Jen Golay: Rockin' the Strobes!

Last Thursday I wrote about the agonizing wait we film photographers endure after we've shot our film and sent it into the lab.  It can be maddening! I expect this now when I shoot for myself, but I didn't expect to feel it so intensely for others.

The Missing Link, The Film Photographer's Guide to Studio Strobes has been on the market now for two weeks.  And in that time, I know many who have bought the guide, shot a few roll with strobes, and are now waiting for their scans to come in.  Well, I've been waiting too.  I've wanted to see their results.  And, as I'm not a patient person by nature, it has been hard!

So yesterday when I was notified that Jen Golay had tagged me in a post about scans on Facebook, I stopped what I was doing and ran to the computer to see.

And holy moly, did Jen rock it!


Pentax 645, HP5, FIND lab, Einstein strobe


Contax 645, Fuji 400h, FIND lab, Eistein strobe

"I used strobes before, but not with confidence or intention, more like a wing and a prayer.  But because I had experience with strobes, it was very hard to decide whether to spend the money on something that I wasn't sure would teach me anything new. I ultimately decided to take the plunge and buy the guide because I loved the idea of having a community of other film & strobe shooters in the Facebook group.", said Jen.

"The Missing Link really was my missing link.  For me, the most valuable part of the guide was learning to meter strobes correctly.  I have always metered color film and black and white film the same way. It was very revolutionary for me to try metering differently for different films. What I love about this knowledge is that it makes sense and is repeatable. I can now shoot with intention and know what I'm going to get instead of shooting and hoping it will come out as I imagine."


Contax 645, Fuji 400h, FIND lab, Eistein strobe

"The other cool thing about The Missing Link is that it works with natural light. I used the metering technique with Tri-X and window light and finally achieved a look I've been trying to master for the last four months!"


Contax 645, Tri-x 400, FIND lab, window light

Yeah!!!  Stunning!! Way to go Jen!

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