Digital, Film and Strobes...

Well, The Missing Link: A Film Photographer's Guide to Studio Strobes has been out for a week as of today! I know so many of you who have the guide have been trying out your new skills.

Now the waiting starts!

The lag-time between shooting and seeing results that we film photographers endure is so hard!! When I first started with strobes I would practice with my digital camera to see if I was getting it right.  I wanted the feedback right away!

If you are also using your digital camera to practice with, great!  But there are a few things you should know...

Digital and film react to light very differently.

When shooting strobes with your digital camera you will want to meter for the highlights.

If you meter for your shadows (like you would for color film) your digital image will look totally blown out.

Don't be alarmed.... that's what you want.

I always know my color film will look great when my digital images are completely blown!

digital vs film comparrison with strobe exposure

If your digital image looks like this...                                    your film image will look like this!

Hope that helps, and happy shooting! Sandra


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