Joyce's Favorites in Black and White Film - March 2015

Welcome to Favorites in Black and White Film March 2015! Black and white film always looks so classic and gorgeous.  I believe it shines when everything aligns...especially the light.  I love a black and white film image when the light softly lit the subject to create appealing shadows across the face.

When I am outdoors, this look and be easily achieved by placing my subject under an open shade.  However, shooting indoors is another story.  Shooting indoors with natural light be tricky at times.  Either you have to hug the window or have to push your film to a higher speed which introduces grain and contrast.  And if you don't place your subject at the precise position in front of a window, you are risking in losing a part of the subject's face in the shadows.

The solution?  A strobe or a speed light!

Before I knew what a strobe or a speed light can do, I am like everyone else. I thought the strobe or a speed light adds the "flashy" look to an image.  Little did I know that you can create natural light looking images with a strobe if you know how, like this image below by Sandra Coan.

Are you intrigued?  Good!  You are in luck!  Sandra Coan's eBook, The Missing Link-A Film Photographer's Guide to Studio Strobe, is being released THURSDAY!  You can read my review on this ebook and enter for a chance to win a copy here.


Sandra Coan Photography


Thank you for all fans who submitted their black and white film image.  Here are some of my favorites this month:


Lea Jones, Photographer




Kim Tsui Photography


Gillian Claire Photography



Emily Mccann Photography



Amy Bethune Photography



Christine Foehrkolb Photography



Jessica Rothenberg


Heather Chang Photography


Megan Dill Photography


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