Joyce's Review of The Missing Link : A Film Photographer's Guide to Studio Strobes

The winter blues are serious business for the natural light photographer.  There is only so much you can push a film stock before the grain and the contrast take over a magic moment you just recorded on film.  The lack of light doesn't seem to be an isolated case for just North and Northeast part of the U.S.  This year, this unseasonable weather has spread all the way down south to Austin, Texas, which is very unusual for us southerners.  We have had some gloomy and freezing cold temperatures (yes cold, like below 32°f cold) that lasted for days.  As all photographers know, light dictates photography. The end. The solution?  Studio Strobes!

Before it is released to the public, I had the honor of taking a sneak peek at the much anticipated workshop style PDF, The Missing Link, by Little Bellows' very own, Sandra Coan.

Before you go all "strobe is too complicated", "I am not good at the techy stuff" or "I will never like strobe" on me, let me just tell you why studio strobes might be the best thing that has ever happened to a film photographer: it's the control!  You can actually tell your light to fire at a certain camera settings!  Whoa, mind blown!  And if you sit tight for a minute or two, I'd love to tell you more on why The Missing Link is by far the best how-to photography resource around.

Learning about strobes truly is THE missing link for your film photography work.


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Starting at the Basics

The Missing Link opens by introducing you to the basics of using a studio strobe.  When you are learning something new and foreign, it is extremely helpful to have someone who is experienced to take you by the hand, advancing a tiny step at a time.  Sandra does exactly that.  In this guide, she starts by laying out the foundation, the basics.  Not only will she show you the equipment she uses in her studio, she is going to show you how to set it all up and use it in a way that creates soft, natural light looking photos.

Demonstration Videos

Don't you wish sometimes that the author of the photography book that you are reading would step out of the pages and show you exactly what he/she is talking about?  Well, in The Missing Link, demonstration videos are peppered throughout the entire guide to help you see exactly what Sandra is explaining in the pages.   This is what makes it so unique.  I am pretty sure a lot of you out there are kinetic learners just like me.  I learn the best and most thorough when I see (read the book, see the demonstration) and do (hands on experience by imitation).   In each video, Sandra breaks down the information in little bite size pieces so it's easy and straight forward.

Here's a little sneak peek, the first video in the guide (along with a handy sign up to get on the Missing Link newsletter list!)

Interactive and Continuous Learning

So what happens after you read all the pages and watched all the videos in the book and still have questions?  This is where the Interactive and Continuous Learning comes in.

To support all of you in learning studio strobes, Sandra is planning to start a private Facebook group for all who purchase a copy of The Missing Link.  Sandra will be there to answer all of your questions.  Not only that, she is offering to provide valuable feedback and suggestions to help you improve and progress in studio strobes.

So to sum it all up, The Missing Link is the perfect tool for anyone who is looking for an effortless ways to learn in studio strobes or to gain back the control of light.  Don't let the lack of light restrict you and your work!  Learn the tips and tricks from Sandra on how she creates beautiful, luminous and natural-looking portraits with studio strobes!



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