Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This

Hello and Happy Instagram Wednesday! Today's post is shorter than I imagined because Cape Town is on fire and has been for 4 days.

I'm not in any any danger as I live in the city but in the suburb where my kids go to school it looks like end of days.

Anyway, I have an unexpected house full kids.


Okay, now, on to today's photos. I hope you enjoy them and here's a big congrats to the featured photographers--CONGRATS .


Have a great week!






erica hughes


I love the color palette here--Navy shirts and black chicken babies look good together.

I love the shallow depth of field which really makes the girl's hands and that one front and center chick stand right out.



I never knew how much I loved rain until there was none.

This image is beautiful and moody.

I think the composition is great because the could vignette and then the traffic light at the opposite edge really keep your eyes moving.

lisa croix


How could I not show you this picture?

I couldn't not show you this picture.

It's pretty and makes me smile.

Plus she has beautiful teeth.



Looking at this I thought it looked like a child version of some really cool lead singer of a band on a global tour.

She's seen a lot and she's not super enthused which gives her a very cool cat presence.

It's beautiful all around.



When I was in photo school I had a teacher who said always be looking for reflections because they can really change an ordinary view into and extraordinary one.

Case in point: Above.



This image is perfect in all ways.

I love the sentiment also.

Enjoying the silence or the beauty of what is coming out of the radio.

Either way, this is living in the moment.

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