Christina's Trash_cam Campaign: The Results are Not Trash

Hello! Welcome to the results of the first ever Christina's #Littlebellows_Trash_cam Campaign!

I'm excited to share with you the images created by a few very inspired and 'take-the-disposable-camera-by-the-horns' sort of photographers.

Congratulations to them, they were adventurous and shucks, I'm proud of them.

To be really honest here: there were not a lot of entries, about 45, but I have hope that this could grow and so I'm going to post a Part II of this trash-cam campaign, which will run on March 18. 

It's my hope that this post and the weeks leading up to the next challenge will inspire more of you to pick up a disposable camera and wave it around in front of some things and maybe some people that you like, and the results will be cool.

Doesn't that sound fun?

To all of you, be you a film expert of a film newbie, this will challenge you and the results will surprise you.

Won't you join along?

All that you have to do is get yourself a trash cam, shoot it, get it developed and scanned, and then submit it to Instagram or the Little Bellows Facebook page with the hashtag #littlebellows_trashcam and I'll see it and my smiley face will be awarded (you'll have to imagine it, it might look like this).

#Littlebellows_trashcam fame awaits you!

Have a great rest of the week!





cuelifephoto IMG_6627


These images by cuelifephoto rock my socks off. They are dreamy and otherworldly. They look like fine art.



I love the color and the sense of movement in this image. Was it taken while driving? I don't know but it's vibrant on many levels.



Very cool lines here. The lighting is great for a trash_cam because it's mid day. Light is your friend, always. IMG_6630


Sometimes light is hard to come by and that's when to use your trash cam's built in flash.

It's not a subtle sort of light that comes out of that box, it's small and sharp but it does it's job and makes for really sharp images.

I like the street artist to be vibe here. IMG_6629


Pretty, and somewhere, spring is springing. Shooting up into the light for the win.



This is pretty fab underwater image. I love the vibrant colors, no doubt made brighter by the light above the water.