Joyce's Quick Tip: How to Fix Orange Skin in Lightroom

Happy Monday again my Little Bellows fans!  I think today is the perfect day to bring you a super quick and easy tutorial: how to fix orange skin in Lightroom.  I have been getting some orangy scans back from shooting Portra 400 under the strobe and speedlight. As you probably saw the look of portra 400 under strobe in Sandra Coan's post, Five Film Stocks and a Creepy Doll, last Thursday.  It is  an "scientific and filmy experiment" she did for her brand new eBook, The Missing Link, about using strobe with film.  Portra 400 can get really funky, spray tan gone wrong look!

This tutorial is not limited to film shot under a strobe.  It can also be used with images shot in natural light.  If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, you are welcome to contact me HERE.  I hope this tutorial helps!


xx Joyce

how to fix orange skin in Lightroom ©Joyce Kang-www.joycekangphotography.com_0022