Joyce Kang: Favorites in black and white film February 2015

I may have said this before but I will say it again:  I LOVE black and white film.  Black and white film is like a classic Cadillac.  It will never go out of the style.  The more you look at it, the more you fall in love with its simplicity and its beauty. The last couple of weeks has been incredible!  The submissions on Little Bellows Facebook blew me away.  I seriously do not know how I can even choose from your amazing photographs.  You left me utterly speechless and gasping in awe!  Especially this image by Kim Tsui Photography:

This is one of the images that I want to say "I wish I shot it".  Yeah!

I love the way Kim uses light in this image.  Well, I love the way Kim incorporate light in her composition in all of her work, period.  This is the image that caught my eye as I scroll though numerous beautiful submissions.  Let's just say that using high contrast light in an image is not easy.  I have tried and tried, and I just can't seem to get it right.  This image is perfection!  I love the way Kim used the light to draw my eyes from the left corner of the image to the little girl.  I love the striped highlights from the window blinds (?) on her body.   It's like she is being marked.   Is she being confined to this wall because of something she said?  Perhaps she is being chastised for going against the rules.  Or maybe, she has lost something that was important to her.  A lovey?  A doll?  I want to know more!  I want to ask "are you okay, sweet heart?"  It brings out the maternal impulse to put my arms around her and big her a comforting hug.  I want to take my hand and smooth out her tussled hair and tuck it behind her ear, and console her "everything is going to be alright!"

I would love to hear your thoughts.  What emotion does this image evoke within you?

Thank you again for all of your submissions friends.  Next up, I am looking for your favorite color film images.  Be sure to tag them #LBfilm so I don't have to guess "is this film?"  In the meantime, happy shooting!!


xx Joyce


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