Studio Lighting with Sandra Coan: What about my brand?

If you follow me on Instagram or are on the Little Bellows Film Forum then chances are you know how obsessed I've been with strobes lately.  Obsessed!! I love having the tools to create beautiful, perfectly exposed film images even when there is not enough natural light to do so.  It rules!

But I also know that the idea of working with strobes raises red flags for some.  One of the most common concerns I hear is this:

"I love the idea of using strobes because I really struggle with not having enough light, especially in the winter.  But I'm known for soft, luminous images.  I'm afraid that strobes will look too "flashy" and not fit my brand."

Boy howdy, do I understand!! This was my fear too!

I think for many photographers, when we think of  "studio lights" we imagine the days of Sears family photos.  These sessions were often overly lit and jarringly sharp.  They looked like they were shot with strobes, and nobody wants that!

When used properly however,  strobes can give you a "northern light" look that is absolutely gorgeous.  That light combined with the magic of film is an unbeatable combo!

I believe that strobes have the ability to strengthen your brand.  Once you learn to use them, you can give your clients that soft, luminous look at every. single. session.  All year long!



Contax 645, Fuji 400H, Strobes, Richard Photo Lab

Before the holidays I made a series of videos on using strobes with film cameras that can help you get started.  You can see those here, here, here and here.

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Happy Shooting!