Christina on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This... Plus, A Trash Cam Campaign

Hello and Happy Instagram Wednesday!

This weeks images are all black and white, with the exception of one.

They were all so strong and I really wanted to showcase how much feeling can come from a limited color palate.

Also, I have an idea!!!

As you know we here at Little Bellows have decided get back to the roots of photography, film and although my Instagram Wednesday post will always feature both digital and film work, I thought it would be fun to encourage y'all to get on the film band wagon. That was a long sentence.

So, if you are curious about film and want to give it a shot in a very fun and low risk way, keep reading.

Go out and buy yourself a very cheap disposable camera. You can find them at the grocery store, the drug store, or amazon.

First, take a photo of that camera and upload it to Instagram so I know you are playing along. Be sure to hashtag that image and any images relating to this project #littlebellows_trashcam .

Take that camera around with you and since you have a limited amount of shots, 24 probably, you need to be really selective in what you shoot and how you do it.

It will feel unfamiliar and you might find yourself looking at the nonexistent LCD screen but hey, we've all done that.

So, shoot your camera and take it to Walgreens, or send it somewhere special, like to a fancy lab. Really, it doesn't matter.

Be sure to have your negatives scanned, because you need those scans so in 4 weeks time, so I can feature your fabulous images in Feb. 18th post.

Hey, I'll even play along, which means I'll post whatever I have from my own disposable cameras, the weeks leading up to the big reveal on Feb. 18th.

upload your photos to Instagram and hashtag them #LittleBellows_trashcam , or if you feel too shy, you can email them.

Have fun with this.

Shoot many cameras or one.

It will feel reckless and scary but you'll adapt.

Congrats to the featured photographers below!





Jason Watts is quite possibly the nicest man on the internet. Also, his work is unique and I can always spot it without seeing his name, much like Sandra talked about in her post about branding, where she talked about Meghan Boyer.

Jason's black and whites of his children are moody and dark. I admire someone who isn't afraid of the dark and shadows. The photo below is also by him.

His kid isn't mine but I would hang these two images in my house as if they were.


This is such a classic image. The cropping, the timelessness of it all. I don't need to go on and on because I know you see how beautiful this image is.


I thought this was an appropriate image for this week, but even if it weren't crazy winter time on the East Coast, I would still post it because I think it's clever and lovely.

I love and image that is seemingly black and white and then when you look closely you realize it's actually a naturally monochromatic scene.

The textures and the directions of the grass and branches is so interesting.