Whats your brand, baby?

Can we talk about branding for a moment? The social media forums I follow have been exploding lately with photographers talking about needing a new brand for the new year.

Everyone seems to be re-designing their logo.  Or getting new packaging, or products all in an effort to "establish a brand".  And while all that is nice and pretty, it's got me thinking.  As photographers should we all be spending so much time worrying about logos and packaging?  Is that really what branding is all about?

Two days ago I was browsing Instagram and came upon this image on the FIND Lab feed.  I knew instantly who the photographer was without even reading the photo credit.


This image is so "Meghan Boyer"!!  The use of light, the pose, the choice of film...  I have no idea what Meghan's logo looks like, but I can spot one of her images from a mile away.

That's good branding!

As photographers, we are in such a great position.  Everyday we create images born out of our unique view of the world.  No one else can create what we create.  No one else sees what we see in the same way.  When we are true to that voice and shoot what we love, our point of view shines through!

Want a killer brand?  Do what you do.  Do it well.  And do it consistantly.

(and then get yourself a nice logo and some pretty packaging... because everyone loves pretty things!)



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