Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello!Happy Instagram Wednesday!

I look at the cool things in the #litlebellows photo pool and I'm compelled to think about the 'between-the-lines-message's that can come from seemingly unintentional image making choices, which are likely very intentional. Case in point: Today's post is full of images with interesting contrasts and juxtapositions, which not only shape the aesthetic of the image, but also the mood and message.

Anyway, be sure to check out the featured photographers and congrats to them!

Cheers, Christina



This photo makes me smile and want to dance.

I love the sparse setting and the limited use of color, which really serves to emphasize the movement of her skirt.

I think she's listening to swing.



This image could be a book cover.

It seems like a quiet place, and I think if the grass was uber green and saturated or her coat was pastelled out in photoshop, I wouldn't think it so quiet and serene.

I love the bottom weight of the horizon and the use of empty space.



I love the progression of sizes and the monochromatic-ness of the stone and then...

Bazaam! Color! which  breaks up of the austere mood of the stone.

+1 for brightly dressed people being not austere.

Again the juxtaposition of big nature and also,  in this case, big man made structures, which are made bigger by the scale of the people.

Also, how cool to have an image of your people on a Mayan temple ruin.



I'm blown away but the beautiful window light here and the gorgeous city scape behind the little girl.

I also really like the repeated shapes of the city in the window frames.

If I had an office like this, I would be famous or maybe just super productive.



I love this landscape and the juxtaposition of the small centered humans with the vast landscape.

Big world made to seem even bigger with centered humans for the win!

The tons of the greens and blues here are really beautiful--they are vibrant but not unnatural looking, and they therefore have a calm feeling to them.



The light and the colors are like candy.

It seems like it would be therapeutic to bath in this light.

Look at the reflections of the bouncing around window light on each of the window casings.

Those very straight and orderly reflections are an interesting contrast to the stained glass shapes.



I love the whimsy and the contrast of the black and whites here.

her hands are perfectly posed while also being relaxed.

I like this in black and white... it gives it a sort of 1940s feel to it.

Also, I think in color the leaf color might have competed with her eye, which really stands out here.



A classic portrait of classic beauties.

Simply put, it's timeless and a perfect portrait.