Joyce Kang: Film Favorites in Color January 2015

So I heard from Sandra that the responds from our fans are simply AMAZING!!  I am so excited that Sandra has decided that Little Bellows is going back to the roots...the photography roots, film.   I might be just a little biased since I adore it.  Here is a perfect example why I love film: 10922874_10155085791900072_185895935533091404_n

Love Bee Photography

The above image by Love Bee Photography screams nostalgic.  I am not sure it is because the film stock use, the way it was processed, or the dust marks left by the scanner.  The image looks like it was taken a long time ago, during the time when things were a little simpler.

This photograph tugs at the heartstrings because we all can relate to this scene in our childhood memories on one of those hot summer days:

You mom put you on the steps of the back porch with some of your favorite toys and an icy cold treat.  You probably played with your toys for a few minutes until something caught your attention.  The neighborhood kids playing basketball on the driveway perhaps?  A lady and her dog just walked by maybe?  World is full of wonder and curiosity when you were little.  You were caught in the moment, even the bubbles were ignored.

I love the color, the smell, the slightly tipped foot, the bubble, the heat from the sun, the soft focus, the polka dotted romper, the red curls, off the shoulder straps, the texture of the weathered wood steps and porch, and oh-my-goodness-precious-beyond-words baby goodness!



Elena Wolf, Photographer



Lea Jones, Photographer



Amy Bethune Photography



Natalie Seeboth Photography



Jaclyn Shepard Photography



Lana Bell Photography



Erin Campbell Hughes


Little Bellows Team Member:  Joyce Kang©Joycekangphotography-

Joyce Kang is a children & family photographer in Austin Texas.  She is also a mentor and an instructor for Embrace The Grain, an intro to film photography workshop.  She is married to her best friend and enjoys outdoors with her family.  Her favorite gear line-up includes a Rolleiflex 2.8c, a Pentax 67 and a Nikon Fe2.  She loves to indulge in a good book, and suffers from knitting-yarn-hoarding syndrome, and has a terrible addiction to any thing that tops with a heaping scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate fudge!  She has been featured and published in international photography blogs and magazines such as Click Magazine, Lemonade and Lenses.

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