I love January. After the rush of the busy fall/Holiday season the slowness of it is always a welcome relief.  I spend this time relaxing and gathering my thoughts on where I want to focus my attentions in the coming year.

And that is exactly what I've been doing over the past few weeks.  I've been thinking hard about Little Bellows and what direction we should go in the new year.

The truth is, it's pretty great as it is.  We have an amazing community.  We could leave the blog the alone and it would run along just fine.

But I don't want it to be fine.  I want it to be awesome!


I know that to be really really awesome you need to do what you love and what you are passionate about.  And so, after talking to everyone who helps run this blog, I've decided to make some changes.

In 2015 Little Bellows will transition to focusing on film photography.

Everyone who works on this blog is a passionate film photographer.  We all love it.  And we want to share why we love it so much with the world.  Making this our focus just makes sense.

We will continue to feature talented photographers and sharing beautiful work, only now the photographer's we feature will all be film shooters.  We will also be adding some new features, teaching about film and business through weekly tutorials.  We will continue to run Christina's Instagram Wednesday, so don't worry about that, but will be re-working the Friday Favorites post, turning it into a weekly Facebook contest instead of a weekly blog feature.

Taking the blog is this direction is so exciting for all of here at Little Bellows!  I hope that it will be exciting for you as well!

Lots of love,

Sandra Coan and the entire Little Bellows team!


images by Sandra Coan.  Shot on a Contax 645 with fuji 400h film.  Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab