Christina Mallet: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Happy Instagram Wednesday! This is the place where I post my favorites from the #littlebellows Instagram pool. And then, I tell you what I think about them.

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I didn't think this cute little girl was in chicken jail, but I did think that this was a very cool composition.

The off center composition is a great combo with the repetition of the chicken wire. If the girl was dead center, I don't think I would have been as drawn to this as I am.

The little dab of sun light adds some hidden interest, because it's not immediately noticeable.

Moving yourself around until you get their head where you need it is a good practice, demonstrated perfectly, here.


Big hats on little girls for the win.

I love that her eyes are hidden and the depth of field is fantastic, keeping the distractions behind at a minimum.

I love how the light drops off immediately, past her shoulders, making her the focus, bathed in beautiful natural light.

The was the light is acting here reminds me of what it's like to shoot with your subject standing in a garage with an open door.


I love this classic country moment.

It would seem that this exposure was made taking the shadows into account, which is always a great idea if you want to really capture the power or back light, with it's light wrapping around your subject.

Classic image, could be a book cover.


Again, the back light of late afternoon sun, also known as the golden hour.

This is so pretty and although the colors are shifted from the lens flare and backlight, it just works.

It's warm and toasty and makes this little girl's stare take on an ethereal quality.

I really like the color contrast of her sweater and the golden light. IMG_5890melissabeattiephotography

This is a sweet and very classic portrait that these siblings may have hanging on their own walls when their grandchildren are their age.

It's clean and classic.

I love how their feet don't touch the ground, which makes them seem really little even tho they are very poised. IMG_5902kristinanichol

A future reader of tomes on the kindle?

Again, the back light for the win!

I love this personal moment of thought.

What is going on in that sweet little head? And those hands so perfectly relaxed.

These hands, had they been stiff, would have given this image a very different feeling. Hands are really so important.

I can't tell you how many photos of my clients I have edited out because the hands, although not the focus of the image, distracted from the overall feeling and so were cut.

Also, the rim light on this kiddos shoulder, hair and hand is so pretty!