Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think...

Happy Instagram Wednesday! I hope your 2015 is going swimmingly!We are starting of the year of with a bang with the images I'm featuring today from the #littlebellows Instagram pool. Please visit the photographers Instagram feeds, byway of the link below each of their photos.




These two photos, both by the same photographer listed above, are amazing. They are a great compliment and contrast to the other: One is a posed portrait and the other has a definite photojournalistic feel. Both have a timeless feeling to them. I think that even if they were color I would say this.


Here we have a beautiful little wood nymph who spends most of her days in 'the real world'--the world where girlish pink and pretty pastel things reign. However, we have the natural headdress/wreath as a cool juxtaposition to that aesthetic. You can take the girl out of the forest but you can't take the forest out of the girl.


I love the color story here! I also adore the little shapes of the veggies against the squared background. It reminds me of a bingo board and I think it would be a super stock photo for many themes. IMG_5646 jengolay

This photos reminds me of thrift shopping in Seattle, and so I love it. Apart from that bias, I think it is a beautiful image with that 'found object' look that makes the composition and colors look effortlessly pretty and cool. IMG_5649


I chose this image because it reminds me of the Little Bellows Mistress, @sandracoan. She is a star of the ukulele and and the relaxed nature of this scene, remind me of being with her, at her house as she strums out some masterpiece. I like the shallow depth of field and the empty space created by the depth of field gives this some mystery. Is it a boy, a girl, a grownup? No matter, it's pretty. IMG_5660_pam_o

I love the spirit of this image. I imagine this is Snow White having a snow frolic. Besides that tho, this image illustrates two important photographic things.

The first: the subtleties in correctly exposed highlights can really make magic. Look at all the very light colors and the branches of the trees. The second, which is kind of a perfect moment to talk about watermarks. I didn't realize this image was watermarked until about 30 seconds ago, and then I was about to not post it because I don't post images with watermarks. I think they distract from images and really, watermarks do nothing to halt the 'borrowing' of images. That said, I think they often make an image seem unprofessional. However, this watermark is really brilliant and I think it can serve as an example of how you can watermark so that it serves all of your needs. I think stellar unwatermarked images speak for themselves and if I love an image, I always investigate and look into who made it.


This. This portrait knocks my socks off. It's so pastely and soft and it's a great contrast to the very serious child face going on here. What a beautiful child and a beautiful portrait of that beautiful child.