Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think...

Hello and welcome to Instagram Wednesday! I hope that your last day of 2014 is a wonderful one, maybe it will be full of rest or reflection, or cleaning or cooking. However, I hope it's exactly how you want it to be.

My last day of 2014 is strange. It's summer here in Cape Town and it's hot. We are all swimming and sweating, but not necessarily in that order.

Congratulations to the featured photographers--be sure to check them out.

Thank you all for reading my post. Your interest in this little Little Bellows feature, and kind messages have inspired me and brought me much comfort in my year of 'The trans- continental and -hemispheric move', to South Africa. And so, again, I thank you all!

Be well, @stinamallet



I love this image a lot. I made a similar shot, in color, a long time ago, and I prefer this image, in black and white--texture and intricacies abound. Apart from the visual beauty of this image, I like the metaphor about the circle of life.




This is a beautiful moment and I love that it's black and white because my focus is not distracted from their bond. It's focus is shallow and I think if it were razor sharp, the moment wouldn't translate into the powerful bonding moment that it does here.



A fairy tale brought to life. This image of Little Red Riding Hood completely works for me. The naked trees in the shadows bring on a sense of foreboding danger.



What a perfect winter moment between two sisters, in pastel. The back light is beautiful and really warms up the focal point of the image, which is a nice contrast to the cold of winter surrounding them.



Somehow, this image reminds me two kids walking into one of Stephen Shore's hauntingly empty landscapes from his series Uncommon Places. It's a little bit erie--the scene is orderly and perfectly composed, and something awaits these two, who knows what. The fact that they are two small people, and the only people makes me imagine they might be the only people left.