Christina on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Happy Instagram Wednesday! This is the place where I chose my favorite images from the #littlebellows Instagram pool, and then I wax sentimental on them. Want to hear something cool and makes me proud? To date: I have looked through 46,200 images, from that pool. Wow, that's a lot of looking but more importantly, that's a lot of image making, from you! Congrats to the featured photographers--be sure to check out their Instagram feeds, linked below their images. Cheers, Christina @stinamallet



Forever, big loving man hands and small people.

This image is beautiful, both literally and in sentiment.

I love black and white and I love the way black and white makes clothes drape with those waves of fabric reflecting and blocking light.

The shirts in this image are interesting to me because the little person's shirt is something you might imagine on a man, and the man's shirt, is something you might imagine on a boy.



This reminds me of vintage Vogue--a big hat will do that.

I love the terracotta of the background contrasted with the fuchsia.

It reminds me of Out of Africa, probably because I have Kenya on my brain--I'm super excited to be going there next week, to shoot a wedding.



Is this a mock up on Christmas Eve?

I don't know but it's really cool.

The shadow placement is spot on and a great and unusual way to tell a story.

Try it, it will really make you pay attention to the direction and value of light.



beautiful light, beautiful moment, beautiful exposure, beautiful everything.

The depth to the highlights--shazam! I love grass photos in black and white--we all know grass is green and I like to imagine the exact hue of that green.



Ah Shucks, this is so perfect. This mom and baby will forever cherish this image.

It perfectly captures the wonder of what it must be like to be a baby, and the complete adoration of a mama.