Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello and happy Instagram Wednesday!I trust you all had a great Holiday!

Congrats to all of the featured photographers! A beautiful cast of images below so be sure to check them out.





I feel like I've come upon some secret sibling frolic.

I love how the lens flare vignettes the frame with both light and dark and on both sides.



The range of clouds here goes on and on.

This is a beautiful scene and makes me long for fall/winter in the Northern Hemisphere, where I imagine these birds are making the appropriate Northern Hemisphere bird noises.



Future entomologist or comedian in the making, maybe both.

This image reminds me of the French film Ameilie with those big eyes and quirky sweet expression.



Wow, what a dramatic portrait, with beautiful window light.

It reminds me of a portrait of a younger version of The Outsiders.



The expression and pose of this little girl made me immediately think of the famous photo called Migrant Mother by Dorthea Lange.

This is an excellent portrait with a lot of interest in the fore and background.


I really love this image, like the photo above, there are so many things in the fore and background, which makes this portrait like a story.

The first thought I had was the book, The Book Thief.



Wow. What a beautiful little girl. That skin makes me think she might be a Dove model.

The hat and the muted colors of the background and her clothes really serve to make her beauty shine.



Fresh faced lad in a farm coat with a serious expression, what's not to love?

The shallow depth of field which makes this tack sharp  portrait razor sharp, in a good way.

His serious expression and his simple posture, and then the frenzy of grass behind him are such a cool combination.



Film and squares, how I love thee.

I love the Popsicle face, the pig tails, the little knees and then the lines of the wall and fence.

I think this photo could be an anthem for life, were cotton, pigtails, no shoes and eat things on sticks rules.

I'd hang it in my house and I don't even know her.



And to conclude this post, I give you this stunning posy of an image.

The color here, the depth of field and the crop wow me.