Studio Lighting with Sandra Coan: My Favorite Light Modifier

The truth is studio lighting used to totally scare me. My lights sat in the storeroom of my studio for years because I was convinced I didn't know how to use them.  Now I know that light is just light, and most of what I needed to know about studio lighting, I already knew from working with natural light.

If you can think of our softbox and strobe as just a portable window, studio lighting gets much less scary.  Light is light.  If you can work with it coming from the sun and through a window,  you can work with it coming from a bulb and through a softbox too!

The only thing you really need to know is what equipment to get and how to set it up properly to create that "natural light" look.

So today I want to show you my favorite light modifier and tell you a little about why I like it so much! (spoiler alert!!... it's the catch lights!)

Take a moment to look at the two photos bellow.  The top one what shot with window light.  The second with my softbox.  See how similar the catch lights look?!  Love it!!

Remember, the shape of your light modifier will effect the shape of your catch lights.  Round modifier, round catch lights.  Square modifier, square catch lights.  Easy peasy!


Contax 645, fuji 400h, natural window light


Contax 645,  Acros,  Westcott Apollo 50x50 soft box

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