Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think...

Hello and happy Instagram Wednesday! Today's images are all so special, for so many different reasons--read on for all my thoughts.

Congratulations to all the featured photographers--I was really moved this week.


@stinamallet IMG_4456


Okay, so let's just start this off with Wow. This is such a stellar image in so many ways.

The color palate is muted and rich all at once--and how amazing that little miss is perfectly colored as well.

A breathtaking location-- I'm reminded that if I want to make amazing photos, a good place to start is to visit amazing places.



Another color palate beauty.

This photo appears to be a candid moment, because of the movement in the little one's twirl, but its execution makes me think it's an illustration of the 'decisive moment'

I've linked an article about the 'Decisive Moment', which was a term coined by the famous street photographer Henri Cartier Bressen.

PetaPixal says "The decisive moment refers to capturing an event that is ephemeral and spontaneous, where the image represents the essence of the event itself."

This image, I think, could be the basis for a famous painting.



Fierce--Both the photo and this small person’s expression!

I'm reminded of how powerful a simple portrait can be.

The dominant colors here, the cool blue and warm skin are great complimentary colors.

This could be a poster for a sequel to The Hunger Games.



Oh little goat! How very sweet you are!

This image was made with film and I know I always say this, but I knew immediately.

Here's how I knew: The detail in the whites and blacks of the goat’s fur.

Film just has a dynamic range that is able to pick up the details of extremes, like nothing else, except our eyes.



That hair is amazingly beautiful and so striking with the green background.

Her so very flawless skin, is lovely.

I don't know what's going on here but I envision she is reciting a poem because she seems smart and arty and unique.



Geez, this is fantastic.

I am sort of obsessed with very large animal heads on people.

This image is comical and interesting.

I think what makes it funny is the very human stance of the child--graceful hands, very straight forward stance and then there's that disheveled bear about to say hello or bite our heads off.

This is quirky and I love me some quirk.


Sunset photos are hard, and not because they are hard to capture, rather they are hard to capture in a compelling way.

I think the issue with sunsets is they are often very static in that you have no idea if the sun is going up or down because the image is flat, lacking anything in the foreground.

This image wins the sunset prize because we have a sense of place and time, thank you rising or departing sunshine.

This is a metropolis, and you know those waters are bustling in the daylight, but in this image it's only us the viewers and a quiet city.

I like this because it's a sort of voyeuristic view of a city sleeping--watching sleeping is always beautiful.



This is such a beautiful portrait of a beautiful child.

The creative, in-camera, crop here is so great and adds a bit of mystery.

I say mystery because it would seem little one is deep in thought, and maybe there are thoughts of cookies or space travel.



Big daddy hand and teeny tiny baby hand, le sigh.

This is such a tender image and I love the detail in the man hands, like maybe he's been doing manly work.

That contrast with the vulnerable baby hand, reaching out makes parents everywhere swoon and reminisce.



There's something really sweet and a little bit comical about this image.

First, let me say that the light is great because it illuminates kiddo's face and expression but because the light is blocked, we also have a bit of a silhouette.

I love the very straight lines of the concrete and the curves of the curls and the back of the shirt bulges.

The thing that makes me giggle a little bit is the sort of mug shot/lineup quality going on here.



I think this film image should be used in a Pit Bull rescue or awareness campaign.

I come from a long line of animal rescuers and I'm passionate about images of dogs classified as bully breeds in a beautiful, quiet and sweet way.

This image is so wonderful because it does that but also because the image is stellar.

Great depth of field and amazing window light for a serious and sweet portrait.

This image is made with film and again, the range of light and shadow is pure film gold!

Good tog and dog!