Studio Lighting with Sandra Coan: Using Wireless Triggers with Vintage Film Cameras

Hello! So after last weeks post on using an external light meter with studio lights, I received a ton of messages from people with all sorts of great questions. One question I heard over and over was from film photographers who were really interested in using lights in their workflow but unsure how to get their vintage film cameras to communicate with their lights.

So my friends, I made another video.  In this one, I'll show you how to use a wireless trigger and receiver with your vintage film cameras!

Hope it helps! -Sandra

p.s.  I have a cold so my voice is a little scratchy... and I have crazy muppet like hair!  Haha... glad we're all friends here!

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This image was taken with a Hasselblad 503, Acros 100 and studio lights.  Processed at Richard Photo Lab.