Sandra Coan: How to Use a Light Meter When Shooting With Studio Strobes

Hey Friends, Lately I have become obsessed with using  strobes with my film work.  Mostly because I live in Seattle, a town notorious for dark raining days. For me to be a film shooter year round, working with strobes is a must! But I have to admit, I also use them sometimes on sunny days because I love the consistency!! Perfect light, every time! How great is that!

When I tell other film shooters that I use strobes, the number one question I am asked is how I meter... so today I thought I'd share how I do it!

And for you digital shooters out there, the same rules apply, except that when metering for digital work remember to meter for your highlights.

Hope this video helps!


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contax 645, ilford pan f, f2 1/60 with studio lights


contax 645, fuji 400h, f4 1/60 with studio lights