Joyce's Black and White Film Favorites Nov 2014

Black and white film is the root of all things photography. It's simple, beautiful and classic. I love the nostalgic feeling of a grainy black and white film image. I have tried to duplicate the look on my digital camera but never succeeded. There is something about a black and white film's real, it's raw, and it's alive!  Congratulations to all the photographers featured here.  Your images make my heart sing!  Keep posting your beautiful film images on Little Bellow Facebook Page and hashtag #LBfilm for a chance to be featured!  

Here are the Black and White Film Favorites Nov 2014:

Lately, I have found myself drawn to squares.  Maybe I am being biased because I just got my dream camera, Rolleiflex, and it's as beautiful as the name. I am head over heels over this square image and the flawless composition.  I love how Amy uses the ceiling light and the dark wood floor as the leading lines to direct my eyes into the frame.  She then uses the repetition of the geometric shapes creates a steady rhythm and balance in and around the frame: the cabinets, the appliances, the slight switches, the dish towel, and even the kitchen island.

What are they doing?

Is this a mother and her child?

Is she baking cookies or preparing something delicious while her little boy is looking on?

I want to explore this image and know more about what is keeping the little boy's attention here.

I feel like an intruder looking in at a private moment.

Despite the vast negative space within this square frame, I feel the warmth of the relationship, I hear the exchanges of tender conversations, and I smell cookies that are freshly baked.

I sense the abundance of unconditional love.

Amy Bethune

Amy Bethune Photography


Carrie Geddie

Carrie Geddie Photography


Erica Sandusky

Erica Sandusky Photography


Jennifer Capozzola Photography

Jennifer Capozzola Photography


Kate Tuttle Photography

Katy Tuttle Photography


Kim Hildebrand Photography

Kim Hildebrand Photography


Kim Tsui Photography

Kim Tsui Photography


Phyllis Meredith Photography

Phyllis Meredith Photography


Megan Boyer Photography

Meghan Boyer Photography


Miriam Dubinsky Photography

Miriam Dubinsky Photography


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