Throwback Thursday: Jill Thomas, Lace and Grace

This was the second post ever shared on our  blog, and I love it today as much as I loved it then.  So stunning!! Here is the original post...



Oh Jill Thomas.  How do you do it?!  I’ve looked at these gorgeous photos about a hundred times now, and am at loss for words.  All I can say is that they are so beautiful, they make me ache a little.  Just lovely!!

-Sandra Coan

About Jill: based in San Diego, CA / website / contact / facebook / pinterest

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat: 

In these portraits, Jill Thomas uses light and the natural outline of her subject’s body to create a womanly portrait of a lady who is expecting. I am especially drawn to the photos where she has turned away from the camera and reveals her upper back and shoulders; although her dress veers toward the conservative, the revelation of her neck and back put us in just enough contact with her body to remind us how primal–how deeply feminine–pregnancy is – and it’s kind of sexy! Dare I say that about a pregnant woman? I do. They’re like Victorian paintings depicting a mother in all of her symbolic strength and power.

- Cat Thrasher