Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello! And welcome to another installation of Instagram Wednesday.This is the place and time where I choose my favorites from the #littlebellows Instagram pool and wax sentimental about what drew me to them.

Congrats to all the featured photographers.

Keep hashtagging your Instagram photos!





This little wood imp, with her little giggle and the little bit of trouble she's causing... well, we can only love her for it because she's so very cute.

The colors in this image are amazingly vibrant and the depth of field is spot on fantastic for a portrait.

Me likey.



Here we have a wood fairy, and this one is royalty.

I have no idea what emotion is going on here, because only the eyes are visible, adding a bit of mystery.

This leaf crown is pretty fantastic and I love the color, contrast and cropping on this photo.



I have never thought pumpkins and newborn baby's belly buttons would be put in the same sentence, until now.

I love the lines of this photo, the color, the composition, the lighting, all of it.

It's gorgeous.



Creepy and complex.

Portraits byway of double exposures always bring up something not said explicitly, in the photo.

It's like we're seeing two sides to the character, and one is whispering or thinking something unexpected, and we're not sure we can exactly hear it.

Does that make sense?



What you've known about Little Red Riding Hood... well, it's all wrong.

She was actually the wolf.

I love the fantastical and almost circus like feeling of this photo.



Littlest Miss in strong Big Daddy arms.

To me, this photo is the Father Daughter, photographic equivalent, of a man having a Mom heart tattooed his arm.

There's a beautiful and  sacred bond here and the juxtaposition of size and vulnerability gives it an almost archetypal quality.



Do you know the singer Sia? Well this could be her, way back, or maybe her daughter.

I love this portrait. The black and white, the little smirk, the wind blowing her hair.

All of it, for the win.



Like the photo above, of Little Red Riding Hood, we are in a fairy tale, only this time it's Rapunzel, which was really a story  based in the Middle East.

The architecture here is off the charts and the colors, remind me of Turkish Delight.


The world from above looks so refreshingly different and abstract.

Here there are so many shapes and lines--it's really fascinating.

I love the reflections. When you're out shooting next look for them, they will surprise you.



The muted sunset colors are lovely.

This photo could be disorientating, because I'm not sure from which angle it was created, however that's a non issue because of the very cool crop and the bottom weight of the image, which helps me feel grounded.

This photo reminds me of a hologram or a mirage.