Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Happy Instagram Wednesday and Happy almost Halloween! I'm really loving all of the fall colors and the Halloween photos in the #littlebellows photo pool. Congrats to the featured photographers and, be sure to check out their Instagram feeds linked below their photos! Cheers and have a fab Halloween! @stinamallet



The color and contrast in this image had me immediately.

I have never seen such an original take on the jack-o-lantern.

I like the shallow depth of field in this image--I think it brings the charred looking can, front and center, as the focal point.

Also, the depth of field and the focus on that one black can makes me  imagine that can as a jaded and with human emotions.

He (I think it's a he), with his sideways grimace or grin, seems to be annoyed, maybe because he's no longer bright and shiny.



This photo has so much texture and amazing color.

This portrait gives shows us this car in a dignified light.

I like that I can focus on this beautiful car, and imagine and appreciate all that it's lived and driven, and sat through.

To me, it's not unlike a portrait of a beautiful person with bright shiny eyes and beautiful bone structure, but whose face is weathered and wrinkled.

The leading line created by the bumper, keeps my eyes moving throughout the photo and therefore keeps my interest way beyond a mere look.



This photo is both hilarious and creepy.

There is a lot of satire going on here with this complete camouflage fail.

This image really shows us the bizarre shapes and  unnaturalness of  human generated wearable nature (aka Camouflage).

Bonus points for the off center composition, to create no negative space.



The light and colors in this image are so painterly.

The lens flare, the setting sun, and then the little person make a nice triangle, keeping my attention focused in the most lit part of  the scene.

There's something old world about this, especially with the hood, which looks almost like a bonnet.

Really, really beautiful.



I love honest, no smiles, kid portraits.

A serious kid face make me feel like I can see into the future, and get a glimpse of the adult this person will become.

Her hair blowing in the wind, on the side of her face that is lit by afternoon sun, adds a sense of movement.



In keeping with the season on Halloween, this photo seemed the perfect addition--it's beautiful and slightly creepy.

There's a dried up leaf, some sun flare, some lens flare, and an illuminated cape, which gives it  a beautiful dreamy and ghostly quality.

This photo being color, and the color of the lens flare, make me think this is a friendly ghost girl.

If it were in black and white, it would also be gorgeous but I might be a little bit scared of her.