Joyce's Top 10 Color Film Favorite | Oct 2014

Every month at Little Bellow Facebook Page, we receive tons of beautiful film images by some of the most talented film photographers.  Film photography is definitely gaining momentum and become increasingly popular among both hobbyist and professional photographers.  Since I started shooting with film, I feel my techniques improved tremendously. Not only I have less to cull because I shoot with more intention, I am developing more awareness of the elements and how they work in the scene of an image.  I encourage every photographer to learn how to shoot film, it makes you a better photographer, no doubt! If you are already shooting film and would like to have your work featured here, please submit your film images at Little Bellow Facebook Page  and tag it using #LBfilm.  I can't wait to see more from our fans!

Here are the top 10 color film favorite for October 2014: 1072417_10152403423648870_1477010527329931199_o

Megan Dill Photography


 Molly Matcham Photography


Sandra Coan Photography


Heather Chang Photography


Yasmina Cowan Photography


Amy Bethune Photography


Amanda O'Donoughue Photography


The Red Mop - Léa Jones


Nicole Lattanzi Photography


Jaclyn Shepard Photography

Blog Contributor and Writer:  Joyce Kang

Joyce Kang selfie black and white on mamiya c330Joyce Kang is a fine art lifestyle children & family photographer in Austin Texas.  She is also a mentor and a film workshop instructor for Embrace The Grain.  She is married to her best friend and enjoys outdoors with her family.  She loves to curl up with a good book and has a terrible addiction to any thing that tops with a heaping scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate fudge!

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