Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello and happy Instagram Wednesday!

You'll notice, in the past few weeks, I've been using the same title for this post.

Rather than coming up with some new title each week, this "These Photos Make Me Think This..." title seems pretty apt and it keeps things consistent.

Congratulations to the featured photographers.

Keep on keeping on with hash tagging your photos #littlebellows.

I look forward to going through them every week!





Summer is gone and here is a dream of it.

This image reminds me of cinema, like when we are about to head into someone's memory or dreams.

There's mystery in the softness and that mystery makes it seem like it could be our own story.



Can I say for the 324th time how much I miss fall?

I miss fall.

For me this image is multi-sensory.

I can of course see the beautiful color palate ( I love the lavender/grey to break up the 'fall' colors).

I can also smell the leaves,

and feel the crisp air.



Itsy bitsy feet.

Is there anything that makes a mother with out-of-diaper kids swoon more?

I love this composition and that it's black and white.

It's classic and any mother would cherish a photo like this of her little one.

I'm feeling nostalgic.

P.S. This image was made using film.



uhm... Hi!

That is all.

Just kidding.

Okay, I'm going to say what we are all thinking.

These men are gorgeous, but I'm not here to objectify, so I'll move on.

This is a classic image with so much natural emotion and great composition to boot.

I love the leading lines of the fence and the depth of field, keeping this dynamic duo at the forefront.



Oh the magic of childhood.

What a beautiful moment captured.

I'm assuming these two are siblings, and as such, this little man's expression, although serious, makes him seem all the sweeter.

He's accepting his sister's embrace and kiss.

They don't seem like they have ever argued.



This image has such a retro feel to it.

The seemingly cross processed colors and the big lady shades make me this this is 1980.

Both of her hands are doing something interesting.

I would like to know what she's just said or is about to say.

She seems like a sophisticate.



Oh my.

This image is so beautiful.

The lines and the graphic nature of the pier serve as great framing elements.

This is a great example of how composing the horizon in the center, thus breaking composition rules, can work really brilliantly.

What are they seeing?

A storm coming, or maybe their future?

It's hard to know and the black and white makes it even harder to know.

but sometimes it's good to not know.