Christina Mallet on Instagram: These Photos Make Me Think This....

 Hello and welcome to another installment of Instagram Wednesday!

This is the place where I post my favorites from the #littlebellows Instagram hash tag pool and then tell you why they are my favorite.

In preparation for this week's post I need to tell you that I have Halloween on the brain, even though it's almost summer here in South Africa.

You can take the girl away from Halloween but you can't take Halloween away from the girl.

Just sayin, so you don't think I have a monster complex, am exceedingly dark in spirit, or live in constant fear of zombies.

Be sure to check out this week's photographers Instagram feeds, you'll be happy you did.

Congrats to said photographers!

Have a great rest of the week!




These wee little lasses are hiding from Godzilla.

As you can see it's tropical and so it's the perfect habitat for giant lizards.

Big contrasted with small is one of my favorite juxtapositions, and this image is a great example of such.



I love movement in photos; maybe I should have made moving pictures.

Anyway, the colors are gorgeous and the scene is surreal and fantastic with those towering sunflowers.

Again: Big + Small=Yeah Juxtaposition

If there was a less creepy version of Children of the Corn that focused on Children of the Sunflowers, this would be the movie trailer poster.



Oh Katy Tuttle, how you compose the way you do.

Le sigh.

I immediately thought, 'Ashes Ashes we all fall down'.

Is this a double exposure, is it a composite image?

Either way, it's beautiful and ghostly.



I do not watch anything Zombie.

I've heard people talk so seriously about how they would beat the zombie takeover that I've vowed to keep those stories out of my brain.

However, with this image, I couldn't help but feel like this little man is a zombie warrior.

There is a storm brewing literally and figuratively, and so this boy has some serious planning and climbing to do.

The colors are rich and deep and combined with the composition, we have a story.

If he were at the top of the hill and the clouds were lighter, I'd think he was about to fly a kite.



Wow--do not mess with this guy, he means serious business.

There are so many cool things going on in this image.

The scary serious mural man is not going to stop looking at you and the boy leaning against him feels bad about that, which is why he just can't look at you.

There are the yellow lines at the right frame moving in like arrows--it's not clear who those lines are pointing to, or why but exploring those mysteries is what makes analyzing photos so much fun.



And because this post is getting kind of dark and heavy, the law is here and she is forcing me to turn this post around.

But first, let say that however serious this sheriff is, she is still just about the cutest sheriff I've ever seen.

All that seriousness of the red and the gold star contrasted with the funny dog mask add some whimsy to the sober.

But it's not funny; the sheriff is in town.



Maybe this is the sheriff above, out of uniform, but more likely it's Sandra Jolly's daughter, sitting in for another breathtaking portrait.

Her eyes her are so dewy and soulful.

Angelic and window light are a winning combination.



And now the first of two awesome film images.

When I saw these images I knew immediately they were film because of the colors and depth.

I love this little girl holding up her hair in a seemingly grown up fashion.

Images of little girls acting like grown women and conspicuously posed as such feel wrong, but this image is innocent and sweet and un-posed.

I can totally imagine this same image with her as a grown woman, and there's plenty of time for that to happen but we can still see the outline of her.

The light coming through her hair continues the frame which starts with her arm framing the right side of her; the highlighted hair does the same for the left side.



This is the second of the film images I'm featuring today, and as I said above, I spotted the film quality of this image right away.

I'm a sucker for prints on prints, the more I wear at one time, the better I feel, and I think it makes for interesting photos, especially with kids.

Then there's the stance, which is so vogue and is a fun juxtaposition with the playful outfit.

Creative cropping for the win, again, combined with the shallow depth of field and we find our focus on the new ladybug ink.