Joyce's Film Favorites in Black and White October 2014

Shooting with black and white film did not come easy for me at the beginning. I am a color junkie! If you take a peek into my closet, you will find that I have clothes in every color imaginable. One of my favorite designer of my "younger" days was Betsey Johnson when she was still designing most of the collection herself...go figure that out! Obviously, seeing the world in tones of gray is one of the challenges when people switch from color to black and white film.  Simply seeing the light is no longer enough.  It will take lots of practice and self training to be able to recognize contrast, tone, and textures and how to make them all work together under the light you are shooting in.

When I saw these beautiful black and white film images submission on our Little Bellow Facebook, I knew I have to show them off here.:



Verva Photography


Klodjana Dervishi Photography



Megan Dill Photography



Lilly Lane Photography



Amanda O'Donoughue Photography



Heather Chang Photography


Rebecca Lindon Photography



Kim Tsui Photography


Blog Contributor and Writer:  Joyce Kang

Joyce Kang selfie black and white on mamiya c330Joyce Kang is a fine art lifestyle children & family photographer in Austin Texas.  She is also a mentor and a film workshop instructor for Embrace The Grain.  She is married to her best friend and enjoys outdoors with her family.  She loves to curl up with a good book and has a terrible addiction to any thing that tops with a heaping scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate fudge!

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