Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Stormy

So there is this thing that happens here in Seattle.  It rains all year... until mid July.  Once mid July hits, it's super nice!  Sunny, mid seventies every day, for about three months.  And its glorious!  But the thing is, when you are used to living in rain and gray all the time, all day sunny starts to feel like a lot of pressure!!  You can't just hang out in the house and read or watch T.V, because it's only going to be nice for a few weeks!!  You HAVE to go out and do something because of the sun! Come October, I'm honestly just exhausted, and so is everyone else.  So when the rains do come again, the entire city seems to let out a sign of relief.  The gray and the rain and the storms feel cozy!  And that's how I feel when I look at these stormy photos: cozy!  I love them! Along those lines... I've been loving the dark skies and foggy mornings that have been blessing my city lately.  It has been inspiring me to shoot more Black and White... and so that is our theme for next week, Black and White!  (I'm so excited!!)

Have a great weekend friends!




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