Christina Mallet on Instagram: These photos make me think this

Hiya and welcome to Instagram Wednesday!

This is the place where I wax sentimental on my favorite Instagram images from the #littlebellows hash tag pool.

This week I'm featuring a smaller lot of photos because I got hit with Spring Break.

Yes, while you all are putting on sweaters and picking pumpkins, I'm at home playing happy fun time amusement mom, which through a monkey in my wrench (is that how the saying goes?) because I am so utterly confused by this Southern Hemisphere living.

People tell me about things happening in October, and I blow them off like they are weeks and weeks away, but actually those events happened yesterday and I missed them because I think it's April.

Okay, enough blather, below are my picks and further anecdotal blathering as an appetizer to my descriptions of why I love these photos.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Christina


So many photos are bright and cheery these days and so it's nice to see a dark image.

There's mystery and there are no lies.

We all know how to amp up a shot like this to make it bright, but the world is not always bright and there is beauty in shadows. Don't be afraid of the dark.

I like this image because although it is dark, it is countered with whimsy because of the umbrella and the cute little girl outfit. Plus it reminds me of home, Seattle, which I'm missing a lot right now.


What a striking portrait.

This sweet little face relaxing in what looks to be a meadow.

Everything is so beautiful here, her hands holding that itty bitty stem, her beautiful skin contrasting with the emerald green.

This image reminds me of one of the images in The Family of Man, which as a child was my favorite book and I credit for making me a photographer.


This is a magical image of childhood.

I imagine the mural are the pictures dancing in her head as she reads.

The muted hues make this image seem like something out of an old fashioned fairy tale. IMG_3121coreyvillicana

All those circles of varying sizes and contours and then this little pixie balancing on them.

The juxtaposition of her size to the size of the pile is awesome and really accentuates the big of the pile and the little of her.


I'm a sucker for anything India.

I once spent a month in India and if I could have thrown my passport into the Ganges I would have.

India inspires me -- it's the land of beautiful contrasts, colors, complex layers and texture.

I urge you to visit Storyboxart's Instagram page and read her description of the photo above, it's a cool story.

Here’s what I love in this image: The array of hair cutting accoutrements which makes a wonderful still life; the texture of the wall; the Hindu deity on the ledge and then the mirror. Mirrors are the gold of interesting portraits. Here you have a barber shop still life but that mirror's reflection turns this into an amazing portrait of the man who is the barber.


Kirsty Larmour always has her little girls among the most interesting backgrounds.

I like that this image breaks the composition rule of running the horizon down the center of the frame, and with that you have this post-apocalyptic playground in the sea.

All seems normal, but it's uhm... not.

I think this composition is brilliant and I love that it's black and white because you can really focus on the shapes of the wood and the contrast between the light sky and the darker sea.

There are so many places I could go with my interpretation of this image.