Christina Mallet on Instagram: These photos make me think...

Happy Instagram Wednesday!I'm really digging that y'all seem to be digging my stream of consciousness photo banter--it's easy for me to wax sentimental on photography. So, thanks for indulging me! Congrats to the featured photographers! And, be sure to check out their IG feeds, linked below their images.

Cheers! Christina



I love beauty with imperfections, in this case you have this gorgeous little girl, who we know will be a stunning woman.

There's so much innocence represented in the sweet white flower and the little tab of something on her cheek .

This image was made on film.




The hue of the sand is so creamy and rosy.

Combined with the color of his hair, and the colors on his shirt, you one a great color story here.

Great capture of motion with the sand.



I love this image.

I immediately thought of 1960s folk music and John Steinbeck.

The lens flare coming from the top left of the frame gives it a cinematic quality, maybe like it was shot on Super 8.



This is photo from Khaleesi's family album (from Game of Thrones), when her brother let the dragons out.

Such a cool image.



The color and texture of the grass is amazing.

The composition is simple but interesting--A testament to the power off center and interesting cropping.



This little lass will have her own cooking show and cook book, like Ina Garten.

She'll be everyone's favorite because she's so fresh faced and genuine.

Beautiful color and exposure. IMG_2839


In this image, I also think Steinbeck, but instaed of 60s folk, I hear depression era blues.

I wonder if I would think these things if it were in color. IMG_2837


So very 19th century painterly.

Beautiful subdued colors.

Three cheers for using nature as framing elements.

This image was made with film.



Again, I'm thinking in music.

Have you ever heard the song, Little Boxes, from the 60s?

That's what I'm hearing.

I envision she's taking one look back before she turns her back on suburbia and uniformity.



Oh my. I would do so many questionalbe things to give those gams a squeeze.

I miss those sorts of legs.

This is a fab composition.

The natural light is beautiful--the way it rolls over the peaks and valleys of the sheets.

That pose reminds me of yoga, when you put your hands over your head, interlace your fingers and put your arms against your ears.



Today is the day of fantastic cropping.

And this is a fantastic example of such.

The depth of field is gorgeous and I love how the shadows behind perfectly vignette her.

I can only see her top lip but I know what a pretty pout she has.

This image was made with film.



The day afterΒ  the west was won. when it's time to explore the new territory.

Such beautiful color and contrast.



This photo is painterly and I would hang it huge in my house.

I love the leaves on her shadow--they're like accessories.

You can always count on Leah for amazingly cool compositions.



Last week I mentioned Loretta Lux, who is one of my favorite photographers, and I will this week too because this image reminds me of her portraits of children in small clothes.

There's a whole lot of world in front of us all the time and it's just waiting for you.

That's how I see this image.

I love the color palate--it's soothing.

Also, this image was made with film.