Christina Mallet on Instragram: Clever, Classic and Odd for the Win!

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to Instagram Fever of the Week!

Be sure to check out the featured photographers and my comments explaining what drew me to their images.

Cheerio, @stinamallet


Weeee! Dangerous, but brilliant photos often are. I love this shot because is a great example of how motion blur combined with spot on focus can transport the viewer into the movement. There are a lot of ways to emulate this effect, with filters, selective focus, lens babies, etc, but those applications can sometimes feel heavy handed and over cooked. You can't beat the tried and true method of a steady hand and some speed.


Chairs have so much life in them--they are the stand ins for people. An event is soon to happen and the chairs are anxiously waiting. I like the juxtaposition of nature and man made. Maybe the chairs are talking to the trees, maybe the trees are about to become chairs. I could go on and on but the short of it is this is a rad image. I would hang it in my house, because I like odd things.


Underwater photography has become quite the thing. I love looking at these liquid dreamy images, almost all are cool in form or color. However, I encounter few that actually look like portraits or go beyond capturing a swimmingly fun time. This image grabbed me right away. There is something eerie and a little bit Francesca Woodman about it. I wish someone would take my photo like this.


Hello little gent, what era are you from? Are you British Royalty? Are you posing for Norman Rockwell? These are the things going through my head when I look at this image. I have never knowingly posted a photo with a watermark, that's my rule, but rules are meant to be broken and this image made me. Classic, 100%.


I love this odd and hilarious image. It's unique, clever and makes me chuckle--I would also hang this is my house. A+ for composing the horizon above the center line.


Greatest American Hero, Rocky and Chariots of Fire music are playing in my head, simultaneously. This is a fun image and composition is key to making it that way. Small dude, big world. He's small but he's also huge, all at once. Go get 'em!


Girl Power! Future Roller Derby lady in the making! The straight on chin, eyes and shoulders give this little person an air of confidence. Sandra Jolly's images of her daughter are breathtaking--I posted one last week. They make me feel preemptively nostalgic--I imagine I'm contrasting this image with the same image of her daughter, 20 years from now. Strong portraits, Strong black and white, Strong girls for the win!