Joyce's Quick Tip- 5 sec edit on basic scans

Welcome to the first installment of Joyce's Quick Tip!   This week, I want to take a couple of minutes to show you how I quickly edit a basic scan from The FIND Lab. In my Intro to Film Photography workshop, Embrace The Grain, I emphasize the importance of achieving properly exposed image.  If you have been in my workshop, you know how I sing the praises of a handheld meter!  It's ridiculous, LOL!!   Handheld meter is a must-have tool in photography. The concept of having a close to perfect in-camera image is also true for those that are shooting with a digital camera.  When you have a beautifully exposed image, you are no longer a slave to post processing.  You will have the full control and the flexibility with which to create the images you have always envisioned. Enjoy!

©Joyce Kang-Joyces Quick Tip Sept 15, 2014 Is there any topic or tutorial, in either digital or film photography, you would like to see in the future posts?  We are all ears!!  Tell us your ideas below in the comments section!

Blog Contributor and Writer:  Joyce Kang

Joyce Kang is a fine art children and family photographer in Austin, Texas.  Besides being Little Bellow's blog contributor, she is also teaching an online intro to film workshop, Embrace The Grain,  through In Beauty and Chaos Photography Forum.  She is a mom of four boys, a wife to her BFF and a helpless addict to coffee.

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