Christina Mallet on Instagram: A Look Into Why.

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Happy Wednesday! My Instragram feature is now a hump day occasion.

Every week, As I work on this post, I struggle with what how much I should say.

My instinct is to be verbose but that beast is restrained by my belief that pictures speak louder than words.

However, I do wonder if you ever wonder why I select the images I do. Well, today I'm giving you a ticket to my brain--read below each image to view my picture viewing and selecting scientific process.

You'll see that science it is not.

Congrats to this week's photographers!





Film. I love film images. Look at this gorgeous color palate. I like the composition here-- it's unusual. I have no idea what's going on but there seems to be dreaming happening. dreamy.



She is going to be everyone's favorite boss, mom and grandmother, if she goes that route. A no frills portrait and this makes this little girl's character jump out and me and I like how she seems.



Yowza! Color and contrast galore. Really interesting tensions going on here with the light and shadow play--mysterious. Me likey.



I don't usually like sunset photos, but this one is undeniably awesome. It reminds me of the cover on my college edition of The Sound and The Fury. Could totally be a book cover or a movie poster.



Love. Such a great little girl girlfriend image. Their patterned dresses are so timeless and so is there beauty. I want to see a repeat of this image, with these little girls 10, 20, 30 and 40 years out.



Poetic. A little girl, whose face I can't see very well is contemplatively picking flowers. Nice play between light and shadow. I wish I could be there doing that right now, right after I'm done with this post.



Little Venus. I love the classic pose here. Venus De Milo--A modern twist on that sort of pose.



Film, love film. Those greens, that color, yeah! A little woman. The dress is classic and the pattern is fun. The legs are seemingly extraordinary long, and maybe a bit gangly? Perhaps there's some growing up about to happen here.