Elizabeth Clark Photography: A Family at the Beach

Love everything about this session!!  So sweet! -Sandra

From Elizabeth:

"It really was a photographer’s dream shoot.  Beautiful family, cute preppy wardrobe, and, most importantly, a location that is scenic and has true meaning for the family.  Jeff’s family has had a Long Beach cottage for several generations – since before the sea wall was built! (He showed me a photo…).  It is now tradition for him and his wife to vacation there yearly, and this was daughter Georgia May’s second summer on the beach.  We decided to follow their daily routine of exploring the rocks, dipping feet in the water, and then heading to Dairy Maid for ice cream (ok, maybe it was morning and ice cream is more of an evening routine, but I figured the bright pastel colors would make a great backdrop at any time of day).  I love how much fun Georgia May had, giving me both genuine smiles and occasional skeptical smirks.  Also, the mom, Taylor, was a trooper, looking glamorous despite dealing with food poisoning!"

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