Heather Perera: Me and Mine

Well this is going to be so fun! Today I'll be commenting as an editor, a client and a mom, because the photos we are featuring are of me and my family, shot by one of my favorite photographers, Heather Perera!!

Let me start as an editor.  It's always a treat when I we get a submission in from Heather.  Her work has an emotional quality to it that really draws me in.  Each image tells a story, and I love that!  I've admired her as an artist for many years, so naturally I jumped when the opportunity for her to photograph my family presented itself!

As a client I can honestly say that Heather is the kind of photographer everyone wants in their home... quite and unobtrusive,  just watching and waiting.  I felt like we were all just "hanging out".  It was so natural to have her around!

And as a mom, especially a photographer mom, I can not tell you how special it is to see myself in pictures with my children!  I feel like these are the photos we'll look back on and say "oh, remember how we used to play games on Sunday mornings.  Remember how much Dexter loved to read his Harry Potter books!  Remember how we would go out for ice-cream and beer on nice days"  These photos are now a part of my family story... a visual reminder of who we are in this moment in our lives, and I just love them!

Thank you so much for this gift Heather!  You've got mad skills lady, and I adore you!

-Sandra Coan

from Heather:

"There’s really nothing I love more than capturing a family being a family.  That’s why I’m so passionate about the “day in the life” sessions.  I get an inside view of what bonds a family, their connections and even quirks.  When I got the opportunity to do a session with Sandra and her family, I was so beyond thrilled.  Sandra has been a friend and fellow photographer for a few years now, and I knew her family was fun, but I didn’t know how fun.  I mean, what’s better than a day that starts with monopoly, followed by kites in the park and dinner at Chucks with a food truck and a beer.  This family plays hard and loves deep!  Oh, and did I mention that both Dexter and Harvey shoot film cameras, sure fire way to my heart!"

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