Catherine Abegg: The Thiele Family

Love everything about these gorgeous photos by Seattle photographer Catherine Abegg!  Just perfect! -Sandra

From Catherine:

"This family came to me for photos, during a time of both joy & sorrow... Lisa wanted to have family photos as a birthday gift to herself, and in the meantime she found out that she was pregnant, but all the while was also dealing with the declining health of her mother. We spent the afternoon walking around Discovery Park & really just playing... I loved watching her adoration for her son & it was just awesome to see the three of them together. It wasn't the warmest day of the year, but it felt like such a breath of fresh air to just be out in the fresh air! I knew that Lisa is a blogger ( but didn't go to her blog until after our time together... upon reading all that she had been going through & knowing that despite everything she continues to be a wonderfully hands-on mother, daughter & partner AND she was able to smile that beautiful smile of hers while we were together, made me realize how lucky I was to know this amazing lady. Since this session, they are both celebrating getting closer & closer to being a family of four, while also mourning the loss of Lisa's mom to cancer... for me personally, this means that on my best days & on my worst days I think of this family, and greatly admire those whose light shines at either end of the spectrum. What a beautiful reminder, and I'm glad that they hired me to document their love for each other during such an important time in their lives."

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