Mandy Johnson: The Beauty of Film

I love these photos and everything Mandy has to say about them!  It's so true... shooting film slows you down and gives you time to really think about each image.  It's one of the things I love about it as well. These are just beautiful Mandy!


From Mandy:

"Like many my style of work has changed over the years. I work with all ages of children and types of families, I have the most beautiful natural light studio but still travel a lot for sessions. I am using film & digital right now but would like to transition to all film by the end of the year. I heard it many times from film photographers that film will make you slow down, see things a little different and think more about each capture. But until you use it yourself that doesn’t really make much sense. Now I totally get it! Even though I started out on film, after using all digital for about 8 years, coming back to film has changed me. It has brought me back to the root of what I love, it allows me to slow down and step into moments more. I love the whole experience, well almost, waiting for the scans to return from the lab is tough! I have little patience!

All of these images were captured using a Pentax 645n, mostly Portra 400 and Kodak TMAX 400."
About Mandy: based in Tennessee / website / contact / facebook