Amanda O'Donoughue: Retro Maternity

Oh man... I LOVE everything about these retro maternity photos by Amanda O'Donoughue!!  Just fantastic! -Sandra

From Amanda:

"I'd been using an old Nikon F2 that belonged to my father-in-law for about 8 months with some success, so I decided to go "all in" with  film and brought no digital backup on a session. Taking the risk on a good friend did not ease my anxieties. In fact, it made them worse.

When the scans came back full of grain, high contrast, and with a retro feel, I freaked. With film, you have to slow down and take your time every step of the way--when photographing, developing, patiently waiting for scans to come in, and, even more so, when culling and editing. Sometimes, I just need to walk away, and when I return it all makes sense. The styling, the light, the grain, and my experience and own personal growth have allowed me to learn something new. This is my friend and her sweet little family, growing overnight. Kind of like me.Photos taken on Nikon F2 Fuji 400H, and Holga 120N, Ilford 400 "
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