Chantal Lavine: Morning with Amelia

Oh man... I'm in love with these photos!  The light!  The expression!  So perfect!!  And then I read Chantal's piece about slowing down and being present when shooting and it all made sense.  Slowing down and taking it all in makes all the difference!  Beautiful! -Sandra

From : Chantal

"There are times, when I’m photographing, that I get so wrapped up in the moment I go into overdrive: I see an interaction, a glance, a giggle I want to capture and I act with haste to ensure I get it. Sometimes, this yields exactly the result I seek; other times, it’s clear I acted on impulse.

I keep a small, white, porcelain snail atop my desk as a gentle reminder to slow. the heck. down. Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy your clients. Study the light. Frame your subject. And THEN press the shutter. Full stop.

My morning with Amelia was a perfect opportunity to put this concept into practice. Amelia is just three months old, so naturally, our pace that day was all about her; the session was punctuated with feedings, naps, diaper changes, sips of chai tea, and a whole lot of snuggles. But the sweet cadence of the day is not all that stands out to me — looking back, I appreciate that I was forced to work within the parameters that come with a little one: her hours, her home, her moods. I was more attentive to the direction of the light, more deliberate and mindful with my shooting time, and thus, more calm and carefree in the in-between moments when my camera sat to the side. The balance turned out to be just right when I allowed myself the time to enjoy the process. And – bonus – I walked away with a dreamy set of images, full of ethereal morning light and the bluest of blue eyes."

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