Sarah Reeve Photography: A New Beginning

Photographing a birth is always such an amazing experience.  It blows my mind every time! These are so beautiful Sarah!  Thank you for sharing them with us! -Sandra

" My passion started with nursing.  I am a NICU nurse of 9 years and fell in love and aww of all that is precious of new life.  A mothers love while pregnant and the strength she find while giving birth is unquestionably one of the most magic gift from mother nature.  The heart breaking part of the job is watching the strength new parents have to help there babies fight for life in my department.

It was this love and this magic (and the little artist in me) that lead me to photographing these precious moments in life.  I have seen the joy and the sadness of life from both spectrum as a nurse and value those moments captured digitally more than words can express.
So here I am NICU nurse / photographer and loving the roles I play for both."
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