Wednesday's Q& A!!!

Woohoo!!  So excited for our first ever Q&A Day!

This question came to me in an email a few weeks back:

Q: I just started my business and I’m not sure how to get the word out.  How do I get people to know about me?

A:  This is such a great question and one I get all the time. It’s so hard to get the word out when you are first starting your business.  I remember when I started mine (waaaay back in 1999) I made promotional postcards and drove all over Seattle putting them in every coffee shop and maternity store I could find!  I researched where pregnant women and new mothers would go, and made sure my work was in those places.  I hung photos.  I left cards.  I made it my mission to have my photography seen.  And it worked.  The day I got my first call, I almost fainted!!

My advice to you is to use your social media presence the same way.  Think of Facebook and Google + as your local coffee shop.  Pinterest and Instagram as a maternity store.  And get your work up and out there for people to see!!  “Hang” photos!  Engage with your fans.  Talk with them.  Let people know who you are and what you do, and be thoughtful about it.  Post your best work.  Have actual dialogue and sincere interactions with your fans.

The more you post, the more thoughtfully you engage, the higher the chances are someone will see you and your work, and that my friend is how it starts.  Hitting up some local brick and mortar establishments might be a good idea as well.

Make it your mission to be known in your community, and you will be!

Time to get your hustle on!

-Sandra Coan


This is my postcard image from 1999.  To read the full story of how this image came to be and how I got started as a photographer click HERE


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