Jen Downer, She Saw Things Photography: In The First Few Hours

One of the greatest things about being a photographer is being invited to bare wittiness to the most important and meaningful moments in a person's life.  I feel that sense of awe when I look at these photos.  Those first quiet moments, after a baby has been born....there is just nothing sweeter... brings tears to my eyes! -Sandra

From Jen:

"Bonnye Ray was born on a drizzly Spring morning in her home in Wildwood. Among the trees and the drips and the watchful eye of her sweet dogs. I arrived just a couple of hours after she arrived earthside as her gentle pediatrician was there doing her house call newborn examination. Her parents peacefully delighted and exhausted. The joy and calm and love of the morning was palpable, and it was such a deep honor to be there to document and celebrate the day!"

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