Christina Mallet on Instagram: A Day in the Life, of the Elf

Hello and welcome to our first annual Instagram elf (comedy) day! Thanks to all of you super inventive, creative and hard working 'artistic directors' out there. I'm sure working with an elf is not easy, but nonetheless the body of elf captures is full of interesting elf-ness. I'm envisioning a commemorative coffee table book might be in order.

I laughed. I still am. And so thanks for playing along.

I must give credit where credit is due. This entire 'honor an elf day' came to me by way of Nicole Lattanzi, and her instagram feed (her Instagram alias is @nlmonaco). I asked her if she would be willing to let me use her genius elf Raven, as a prime example of an inspired elf. She agreed and the rest... well you can see for yourself below. So a big should out to Nicole @nlmonaco and her amazing elf photos!

Next week is Christmas week and so I won't be 'on-air' until the following week. I'm guessing that week is going to be a humongous Instagram Thursday post because I've already culled from this week's #littlebellows pool and there are a ton of amazing photos. I promise to reveal those when I'm back here.

In the mean time, keep hashtagging because I love to see how y'all document life!

Have a very Merry Christmas!




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