Christina Mallet on Instagram: A Parade of Holiday & The Secret Lives of Elves

Happy Thursday Everyone! This week the colors were off the charts! So much thanks for making everyone's week brighter and cheerier!

So, I've come upon some hilarious and amazing Elf on the Shelf photos in the #littlebellows feed, and in some of the feeds of people who regularly contribute. This got me thinking about my own elf and how I really owe a lot to this little person. Just when I feel the need to gift wrap some lumps of coal, the elf sweeps in and tames the naughtiest of children. So, let's call out our elves and all that they do, from day to day. From what I've seen, those elves are an amazingly active sort--I'm sure your elf is no exception.

So Hash tag your Elf on the Shelf photos #littlebellows_elf and next week's post will be chalk full of Elfitude.

Also, can you share the name of your elf? Maybe after your hash tag add his/her name (example: #littlebellows_elf : Snorkle ), just be sure it is clearly separate from your hash tag, so it doesn't get lost in IG outer space.

If you find yourself Elfless, worry not--feel free to also just keep up with the regular #littlebellows tag--I'm always checking out that body of Instagram fab.

Congratulations to the featured photographers! Be sure to check out their Instagram feeds, linked in each of their photos.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend,

Christina (@stinamallet)



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