Lauren Guilford: A Day In The Life

I thought that what Lauren had to say about these photos and why she photographs families was just beautiful.  So beautiful in fact, that I wanted to share it with all of you. -Sandra

From Lauren:

"There is something about documenting a family in their own environment that completely captivates me. Their daily routines. The connection between one another. Sweet moments that usually go unnoticed, become saved. Images that speak directly to a specific time during a family’s life. Bits of their story, love, compassion.

If I’m being honest, one of the biggest reasons I love these types of sessions is because I will never have any images like this growing up with my family. Unfortunately I don’t have any images with just my dad and I…let alone any sweet family photos with my parents, siblings and I. To my parents defense, times were different and a family portrait meant going into an Olan Mills studio and trying to get a shot of everyone looking at the camera, smiling. I may have been lucky enough to have a traditional shot like that with my whole family had my dad lived longer, but seeing that I was so young – life had gotten in the way and we didn’t get any updated family pictures before his passing. I used to get so sad not having a picture of just my dad and I, or even a family picture of all of us together, but over time those emotions have shifted. It is quite bittersweet. My loss has provided me with a passion. A passion to capture the life around me while it’s still there. While I still have it. And that passion has further fueled me to capture the truth and love of other people’s family. These pictures below were taken shortly before this sweet boy’s 2nd birthday, and seeing that my dad passed 20 short days after I turned 2…I would give anything to have pictures like these with my family.

I know you’ve heard it before…don’t let life pass you by. But truly – it doesn’t matter how busy you are or how little money you have (the main reasons my parents didn’t get pictures). You will never regret taking the time and making a couple of sacrifices to have beautiful images of your family throughout yours and your children’s lifetime. What’s worth more – a shopping trip, a vacation, a new car, a bigger tv…or memories of your family you will forever be able to hold onto? Sadly, we never know when we’ll have another chance to do something (my personal story can attest to that). So, don’t put off your family. Don’t let ‘get updated family pictures’ be pushed to the back burner of your ever growing to-do list. There will always be a million excuses to put something else as a priority – but for your sake, and your children’s, don’t let that happen.

I mean, even if you have to sell your kidney…some sacrifices are totally worth it, right?  :)  Kidding, kidding!

Now onto this incredibly adorable family! I am so happy to share their family session with you…it makes my heart smile just looking at these images! I had such a fun day with them and am so grateful that they let me into the comfort of their home and lives to get these pictures!"

Contax 645, Nikon F100, Portra 400 & 800, Ilford 3200 - Processed/scanned by Danny Goodman.

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