Corrie Heisey, Little Bud Photography: Building Blocks

Some of the favorite photos I have of my own kids are just like these... just them, doing their thing.  Everyday can be so beautiful. And I LOVE the texture of these images.  So pretty!


From Corrie:

"When I saw my daughter building with her blocks in this dramatic window light I knew I wanted to shoot it on the roll of Neopan 400 I had been waiting to use.  I wanted to document the way her little fingers line up each block and the sense of focused joy she has while creating a new tower.  I also tried to capture a few details, like her feet tucked under her as she worked and the knot she had me create in her tank top to keep it up around her shoulders.  I find that black and white film gives a really special quality to everyday things and I'm glad I chose it for these moments."

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